Here is a alittle bit of the story thus far.

It takes place on my own created world that 13 differnt culture,2 of which are non-human(Elf,dwarf). The time frame is late bronze period for most of the cultures with a couple of the cultres haveing some Iron making skills and another that knows the secret of steel.It is a Low magic campaine so the spells come from adifferent book and they are not your tipical flashy spells.Currently the party is made up of. A warrior from beyond the Pilliars of Thespius,A Barbarian from the north lands and a swordsman from the east(samuria),And a Female warrior from the Basarji Kingdoms(Arabic).Currently they are acting as gaurds on a carvan heading to the city of Arenjun for the Beggars Feast.They are on day 2 of the trip and just got done beating a small group of bandits.