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Thread: Game Creation(No Name Yet)

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    Well thats common sense, really. DnD combat require a lot of rolls, caluculations, as well as several players, looking up of rules, etc. DnD minis, by what I've seen, already lay it all out, while keeping it simple.

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    Soemthing that would help us direct our advice would be to specify the scale of the battles you'd like to see. Lets take a hypothetical situation as a start: A group of 4 players lead their warbands of 10 soldiers each on a daring raid into an goblinoid battle encampment. Their goal is to destroy a supply train, thus slowing down the massive army, so this is a hit and run raid.

    Players: 4 heroes, each with 10 common soldiers.
    Enemies: This side of the encampment has about 100 goblins, 15 hobgoblin sergeants, and a few ogres. All of these units are in various states of alertness.

    How it plays out: Players attempt to prevent an alarm as long as possible. The target is some carts of provisions carelessly left too close to the borders of the encampment. Then the players try to get out before the whole army is awake. When a general alarm is sounded, a bugbear captain arrives within a couple rounds with his bodyguards, an elite hobgoblin contingent.

    Using D&D rules, this would be a massive engagement that would take hours and hours to play. If each unit took an average 10 seconds to do its turn (likely an underestimate), it would take half an hour per round once the battle was ensued.

    Using Warhammer rules, this would probably be a typical engagement lasting about 2 hours long (though warhammer rules wouldn't include the stealth components, sleeping soldiers, etc).

    For D&D Minis v2.0, my best guess is that it would take 3-4 hours, as each individual still has to take an action (though each individual isn't that complex).

    Now, given this situation, how much complexity would you want your system to have? This will help us narrow the level of abstraction you want.
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