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Thread: GURPS Autoduel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valdar View Post
    Tangent: I have a friend who wants to beat Steve Jackson to death with his copy of Autoduel Champions. This was the Car Wars/Champions crossover that had three chapters, IIRC: Supers in Car Wars, Autoduel in Champions, and helicopters. Steve swore that helicopters weren't going to appear anywhere else, so my friend (who hates superheroes) bought the thing. Two years later Steve went back on his promise and put helicopters in Deluxe Car Wars...

    Anyway, I'd say use Car Wars for the combat rules, if it still existed- looks like Car Wars 5th ed. went back to premade cars, with construction rules "forthcoming"... They've been "forthcoming" since 2002, so good luck =)

    i'd recommend that he use a different book, that one is now a rarity and somewhat hard to find. speaking of which... can i have his if he doesn't want it now? ;D
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    Man, I LOVED Autoduel Champions! We spent hours and hours on the submarine designing cars and heroes!
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