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Thread: Shadowrun (Looking for house rules)

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    Shadowrun (Looking for house rules)

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    Hoi Chummers

    I am considering making my way back to the GM side with Shadowrun 2e (though I have a short list of other possibilities) I have my own list of house rules but I was hoping to possibly borrow some others or get me thinking of new holes to plug Thanks

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    Not sure if any of these links will be helpful but here are a few sites with ShadowRun house rules (not sure if any are unique to 2E though)

    Michael Casavant's ShadowRun House Rules
    ShadowRun House Rules Compendium
    HHH Gaming Group: ShadowRun House Rules
    ShadowRun House Rules
    Caveman's ShadowRun House Rules

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    Thanks for the links! (at leased 2 of them I will use) i figured i would post what I got so far while I'm on the topic

    Mages must buy their spells out of their starting resources at a cost of Force x Force x 2,000

    Learning new spells take Force x 10hrs / Magical Theory test successes where the TN = Force x 2 - INT, no teacher or karma needed

    Magic Pool = Magic Rating + Sorcery

    Spellcasting = Force + Magic Pool up to an equal amount of Force

    You may use your dice pools when you do not have an action.

    You may use your combat pool to attack or defend. You must declare how may dice for each at the start of the combat turn

    Dodge Pool = (Athletics + Reaction)/ 2 round down

    Dodge TN = 6 Melee, 8 Range + # of Projectiles

    Parry Pool = (Unarmed Combat + Armed Combat + Reaction)/ 3 round down

    Parry TN = 4 Melee, 10 Thrown Weapon, 12 Projectile Weapon (may not parry firearms)

    All defense rolls must come from a dice pool.

    Negotiations/Persuasions TN = opponents INT + WIL + Racial Bias - your CHA

    Good Karma cost for attributes is new rating x 10

    Summoning test is TN = Rating x2 CHA, using conjuring skill only. Drain is will resisted. Components cost rating x 1,000

    Library or Lodge costs rating x 500

    Knowledge and Language skills are not rolled, instead your rating needs to be equal to the TN.

    Read and Write is equal to you language rating minus 2 and language groups are at minus 4

    08 or less = 1 action = go on round 3
    09-16 = 2 actions = go on round 2 and 4
    17-22 = 3 actions = go on round 1, 3, and 5
    23-27 = 4 actions = go on round 1, 2, 4, and 5
    28 or more = 5 actions go on round 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    Max Rate of Fire for a combat turn
    SS - 2
    SA - 3
    BF - 9
    FA 20
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