I just got my DriveThruRPG newsletter today and it included a listing of the latest free products. Figured I'd share the info.

Cursed Life
by AGES Gaming

Planetary alignments, dimensional portals, aliens, magic...Pick your poison when you have a cursed life. Find some allies and pray no one ever figures out what happened.Cursed Life is a free rpg written in a 6" by 9" format. Humanity...
Twas the Night Before Deathmas
by Crafty Games

A free holiday-themed, single-scene mission for World on Fire teams!
Monthly Coupon Catalog
by LPJ Design

Available exclusively at RPGNow.com and DriveThruRPG.com, Louis Porter Jr. Design, in association with Devilís Workshop, has released its free Monthly Coupon Catalog. This monthís Coupon Catalog features savings of 10% to 30% their normal pric...
BAM! Basic Action Magazine #2
by Basic Action Games

Included in this issue of Basic Action Magazine are two adventures. The Fantasy Adventure: The Gloom Caverns part 2 (Wizard's Basement) and the Superheroes Christmas adventure "Ho Ho Ho, Heroes!" Holy Fifty-Foot Nutcrackers! Can the Heroes...
Harnic Christmas
by Columbia Games Inc.

An elderly Jarin toymaker from Leriel comes to Geldeheim, carrying sacks of toys which he hopes to take aboard ship to Thay and sell. The party helps him to realize that he will not get to Thay before spring, and maybe not at all. King Alegar has imposed ...