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Thread: DM Feedback

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    DM Feedback

    I'd like to solicit feedback during the game both from players and onlookers regarding a number of things:
    • How the game is going. I'm a new DM and would prefer some feedback on how it's going. It's different when on the other side of the table. Am I making some classic DM mistakes? Am I doing ok? Was such and such encounter inappropriate? I plan to use the feedback to improve, and I'm fairly thick-skinned. so don't hold back.
    • Are the images/multimedia helpful/interesting or distracting? Other comments on the inclusion of those elements in the PBP game?
    And of course, if you'd rather send me a PM rather than post here, by all means feel welcome to.

    (Just to clarify, anyone please feel free to post here, not just players in the game.)
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