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Thread: NOLAcon player registration is now OPEN

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    NOLAcon player registration is now OPEN

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    Come one come all to the first RPGA event in New Orleans since Katrina! Games have been scheduled and many of the judge's slots are already filled up (still a little room if you're interested). We are expecting a good turnout and it is important that you take note of the following dates:

    Hotel Group Rate Deadline - January 23, 2008
    Sponsor Sign-up Deadline - February 8, 2008
    NOLAcon - February 22 -24, 2008

    The Yeomanry has announced the rest of their year 7 games! Three mods were announced with one being a two-round adventure. So there is a ton of new games. Go here for the blurbs.

    There will also be more news to come as we are working on some exciting stuff to announced. Check out our blog for the latest and greatest...

    Also, if there is any special requests that might be holding you back from attending, please get in touch with us at as we might be able to help.

    To potential sponsors:
    We intend to make this convention a yearly event and grow on its success every year. So we are looking for a core set of sponsors that can reap the benefits of having a focused set of convention goers that can help us build this to a premier fantasy convention. We will also consider exclusive sponsorships as well if it is mutually beneficial. Contact us at if interested.


    Brad Ellis

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    I would attend for sure if I could figure out somewhere to stash my kids. I'll email them asking if they know of any people offering day care for the event or if others have inquired. If it turns out they do I'll be sure to post with an update.

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