Looking for players to repopulate an existing campaign, which started 17 years ago on the east coast and has evolved.

the rules (Swords of Phalos) are home brew, and have gone through several revisions for play balance with feedback from the players over the years.

the campaign setting, Phalos (and other "nearby" worlds), has a very rich history that spans over 20k years, with alot of action over the last 76 years based on the adventures of previous groups of heroes.

in a nutshell, Swords of Phalos is the rule system for you if:

1) cant understand why only lawful good gods get paladins
2) think "alignment" is a faulty convention
3) hate lookup tables
4) enjoy story and plot, as well as combat and problem solving

the rules are very free-form with only 3 archetype classes, Warrior, Rogue and Wizard, but alot of flexibility on building a character with a mixture of skills from any or all of the archetypes. thus you could have a wizard who swings a sword (gandalf anyone?), a rogue who casts a couple spells, a warrior who prefers to sneak up on his opponents (ninja?), etc., without having to deal with rigid definitions (maybe your definition of a ninja isnt the same as what we see in movies or read in books...).

combat and tasking tends to be rather brisk ( groups of dice against a given statistic with skill adjustments ) and alot of emphasis is placed on RPing and social interaction with the world, rather than just being filler between combat sequences.

PM or respond to this thread if interested. once enough of a critical mass is achieved (2-6 potential players), we can figure out meeting times and what-not.

== sfisque