USS Yorktown CH 48 Captain's Log. 12 June 2117. Captain Murray recording. We are en rout to a newly discovered star system in sector 254 by negative 574 by 541. Condition green. All systems are normal....

Suddenly, the alert klaxon sounded.

End log entry. "Science officer, report" ordered the Captain. "Sensors show a Mordum Dragon Class Cruiser at extreme range, sir."

"Communications, warn that ship off, and inform Captain Binghamton at Space Station Guam of the situation. Use Encryption Level 5." The Communications officer nodded, "Aye, sir." The Captain continued giving orders. "Exec, go to battle stations. Navigation, set an intercept course. Helm, as soon as course is plotted, execute, max HD displacement." He then hit a button on the arm of his command chair. =^= "Weapons crews, this is the Captain. Power up all weapons to stand-by mode. That is all." =^=

The Yorktown's HD displacement engines fired up, and she was carried though space on a hyper space wake, moving to intercept the Mordum intruder. "Communications; Any response from Mordum vessel?" The Communications officer replied, "None, sir." Captain Murray felt his dander rising. "Keep trying to raise them!"