The other night while DMing, I ran into a little scuffle over the rules with jedi powers and talents.

I had 2 NPCs firing blasters at a PC jedi when he took a reaction to each thug. The jedi successfully used the talent Deflect on one, and failed the other check as reactions.

He then wanted to use the force power absorb energy as a reaction to being hit.

I said no, since it's my view that you can only react once to any instant situation, like being fired at.

His view is that the 2nd reaction is to being actually phisically hit, and there's nothing in the book that says you can only react once.

To me though, as in the movies, it takes an effert to absorb the hit, as well as the action of absorbing it with your hand. I think it'd take about as much time and effort as physically trying to deflect with a saber. Thus there's no time to pull both reactions.

If the description of absorb energy had said "spontaneous" then I would've been cool with it.

Anyhow, what do you people think?