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Thread: New User Ranks

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    Quote Originally Posted by RivenNookRavenClaw View Post
    I thought I would start a new thread on this question, where is Mulshiphix? Is he still posting?

    The reason I add it here is that although I found him extremely irritating, I miss how often he posted and how many threads he started that got everybody else so interested...I wonder what his bars look like right now and what they would like if bars could go up and down... about a video game analogy. Yes, yes, you can hit that little "!" icon not just to alert the system admins but also if you are a big fat hater of any of our posts.

    I can just imagine myself "OH NO! I am losing blue bar is going down (sobbing in my room) I better apologize to all the people I pissed off or I am going to lose a level.
    wow, i wasn't even aware that was that was for. of course, i have skin thicker than most elephants, so easily offended im not, so i'd never avail myself of such an option, but, still, it's odd i posted lord knows how many posts without knowing that...
    "well, g'night! dont let the flesh eating demon bed babies bite!!"

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    I have to admit, the whole idea of post ranking is kind of interesting. I'm looking forward to it. That being said, I'm pretty new to the site. Not that you couldn't tell.

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