Due to the temporary drop out of a key player in my campaign, I'm putting my 'Freedom Inc.' campaign on temporary hold until further notice. We'll just have to wait until later to see how Freedom Inc. escapes the clutches of Crime Unlimited.

I am, however, starting two mini campaigns to replace them... (and looking for new players for those campaigns) one will be on alternating Tuesdays the other on Alternating Sundays. On Tuesdays we'll have Bedlam! A Gotham style campaign. On Sundays we'll have Force Ops set in the Iron Age (the 80s!) of Freedom City.

So here is a chance to create new characters or rework/retcon an old one. What do you guys think... I'm wanting to meet this Sunday to discuss the Iron Age series. Any Interest?

Hopefully this will work better with hectic schedules as you can choose one or both series to be a part of!

For Freedom!