Greetings all!

The multirulerpg pbp game on yahoogroups could use a couple more players. Currently we have a Bard (C&C), Hexblade (3.5), Cleric (AD&D2e), and Rogue (C&C). So we could use a mage type and another of any. Palace of Shadows, a Goodman Games adventure is what we have just started. As the name implies players can use almost any system they choose for their character because of how I multi-state enemies and situations. Then you simply post and have rules applied to you based on your ruleset. Currently allowed systems (in order of preferred):

Castles & Crusades, 3.x, Savage Worlds, Gurps 4e, D&D Rules Cyclopedia/OD&D, AD&D2e, others ask first.

Character level: 6, GURPS:200 pt average starting equipment for that level range.

you may use an existing character just let me review it for any munchkin items but I haven't had to deny anything yet. the character may even be from any campaign world due to a time/dimensional hopping NPC quest giver.


GM Rob