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View Poll Results: What've you guys played?

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  • Marvel Super Heroes

    101 80.16%
  • Marvel SAGA (card based)

    22 17.46%
  • Marvel Universe

    33 26.19%
  • DC Heroes (older Mayfair game)

    60 47.62%
  • DC Universe D6

    21 16.67%
  • Godsend Agenda D6, too

    4 3.17%
  • Silver Age Sentinels or The Authority (Tri-Stat)

    24 19.05%
  • Cartoon Action Hour

    9 7.14%
  • Heroes Unlimited (either edition)

    58 46.03%
  • Hearts & Souls by Tim Kirk

    1 0.79%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital Arcanist View Post
    In the trunk of a car with their mouths duct-taped?
    LOL. Couldn't get much into Aberrant. Campaign setting was just too cynical for a superhero game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheQuestionMan View Post
    1st Marvel Superheroes
    2nd Villains & Vigilantes
    3rd Champions (And still Champion!!! of the Superhero RPGs!!!)
    4th DC Heroes
    5th Heroes Unlimited
    6th Mutants & Masterminds
    7th Silver Age Sentinels
    8th+ & a few others not worth mentioning


    Then why isn't Champions no.1?

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    learning curve? amount of math involved?
    nijineko the gm: AG16, CoS. nijineko the player: AtG, RttToH; . The Journal of Tala'elowar Kiyiik! .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris House View Post
    IF you own Mutants and master minds
    do you really need any other game system
    I hope this was written tongue-in-cheek after my early lament about M&M fanboys. If this was indeed tongue-in-cheek as I suspect, then well done!

    Quote Originally Posted by outrider View Post
    I am surprised that superworld was mentioned. I thought nobody but me ever ran it.
    I loved that game when used for the right campaign. It worked well when dealing with lower powered superheroes, such as everyone but Dr. Manhatten in the Watchmen limited series or most of the superhumans in the Wildcards anthology (the first book of the Wildcards series), but it didn't seem to handle the higher power levels very well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Webhead View Post
    BTo use another slightly more exaggerated example, if Han Solo (somehow) walked up to a Star Destroyer and punched it, rolling a bazillion damage, would it somehow result in the destruction of the ship? Certainly not! A human punching through several feet of steel is just not reasonably possible. Any punch, no matter how "damaging", would still accomplish nothing but putting small dents in the hull and leaving him with a sore fist.
    Villains & Vigilantes handled that quite well. There was a minimum amount of damage that had to be accomplished before one could do anything more than scratch something. Since Han Solo would have to be wearing Tony Stark's Iron Man suit to get past that minimum, he could never do more than muss up the paint on a Star Destroyer without serious augmentation.
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    Necessary Evil and Champions are my go to SHgames now. FASERIP was and still is a fun diversion.

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