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Thread: Plano area, Looking for Players

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    Plano area, Looking for Players

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    (D&D 3.5e)

    It's about that time for us, a new game starting on the horizon, however, come the 15th, we're moving and unfortunately, our two roommates will be roommates no longer (and are moving a fair distance), and our party is seemingly down to 3, so we're hoping to find one or two new players to throw into the fray and we're hoping to pick the game up on the 23rd or 30th, which gives plenty of time for characters (We'll be playing Sundays, usually starting around 1pm) (On second glance, it now seems equally likely we'll be playing on Saturdays, with a start-time between 1 and 3pm, sorry for the inconvenience)

    If you're looking for a game, here are a few things you might want to know about us; we're pretty much all in our twenties but this is circumstance and will gladly accept people younger and older. Our games can't be clearly defined as combat or roleplay-centric, we vary between the two quite regularly overall, I'd say we're fairly balanced, I mostly try to run the game how the players want it, but I strive to avoid the convoluted.

    Aside from that, you'll have to be open to variants, we seem to thrive on changing the rules, but only pre-game, the only time you'll see a rule change during a campaign is when the players are consistently unhappy with the way it runs. In a few days, or if anyone expresses interest, I can post a list of variants we're using, but the list will make it seem far more complicated than it is, most of it is extra work on my end.

    As for the game itself, we're playing in a home-brewed world, an intentional amalgam of Ancient Gaul and Celtic-era Scotland and Ireland both in culture and geography, modified to fit a fantasy theme. It's a dangerous, low magic world, but magic is more of an untamed force rather than an altogether obscure and unknown entity (and will be available to players). There's no sure way to predict which way the game will go but it will begin, at least, with Neutral Good intent, though I am not strict on alignments, your actions and history dictate your alignment, not the other way around.

    As for the kind of players we're looking for: the biggest thing is this- be looking to play a character, not make a build, it's fine if you want your character to be particularly adept and I encourage intelligent creation, in fact I'm not at all against the numbers side of the game but, the ability to roleplay and act in character is necessary, and sometimes they just don't travel together. Aside from that, we have fun, and we'll have some adaptation to do regardless of the situation, there -are- a number of rules changes you'll have to be able to accept, though we'll be more than willing to hear your input if you don't agree with any of our house rules.
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    Me and my roommate are looking for a group got room?

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