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How do I Cthulhu?

As a diehard, Call of Cthulhu and BRP fan, anyway I can. It seems that the Cthulhu Mythos leaks into just about any campaign I run.

I notice I'm not alone. Cthulhoid monstrousities are common place in D&D. The first published 4ed module had a distinctly Cthulhu-esque flair about it (evil cultist, portal to another world, a thing from beyond)...
And if you have CoC d20, you can even port Cthulhu directly over to your (3.X) D&D games!

You can even have your party fight Cthulhu if you want (though they'll lose)! I remember reading the playtest notes somewhere about the WotC developers running a combat with four level-20 PCs facing off against Cthulhu. When one of the PCs died, they were allowed to bring another one in on the next round. If I remember correctly, they said that they went through about 12 PCs before they finally managed to get Cthulhu to fail his save against an Imprisonment spell. This ended the combat, but was a "temporary" solution at best.