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July 28, 2007: GURPS Supers Available On E23

GURPS Supers has been uploaded to e23.
What? You want to know more? Alright, here's the important bits:
GURPS Supers is 151 pages of comic history, campaign advice, character creation variants, and wildcard skills. William Stoddard (Steampunk, GURPS Fantasy) has created a genre guide unlike any other in GURPS, showing you how to tweak advantages, disadvantages, and skills and even the combat rules themselves to fit the four-color world of Golden Age heroes, or the grim and gritty world of modern comics.
Need more info? Here's the table of contents for a complete listing of what's where (and the playtester list, if you care about that sort of thing, and I know many of you do!).
GURPS Supers is available for download as a PDF file via e23 for $14.95.
-- Paul Chapman