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July 26, 2020: Keeping It Chill When You're Working At Home

I love listening to music when I'm working at home. Unfortunately, a lot of my music includes words, and I can't be effective writing*Munchkin cards or editing rulesheets when I've got vocals distracting me from what I'm trying to create (or recreate). Even a lot of my instrumental and classical playlists are distracting, getting me caught up in the music rather than what I'm trying to do.

Add me to the "late to the party" list, but recently I've been enjoying a lot of "lofi" YouTube music. If you haven't tried these out, and you're like me and want something in the background so you aren't hearing the distracting noise from everything around you, I encourage you to search lofi channels on YouTube and try them out. You may even get more productive!

I've linked to one two-hour "Back to the '80s" set that I'm listening to even as I write this, in case you want a starting point. There are lots of other options, though, if this one isn't to your taste.

Andrew Hackard

Warehouse 23 News: A Blast From ... The Past!

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