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July 21, 2020: Coming This Fall: Three Munchkin Expansions!

Munchkin fans, keep your eyes on your favorite local game store this September and October for three new expansions! Steve, Andrew, and the team have been hard at work creating new cards for your enjoyment, and we've managed to arrange our schedule to drop three drastically different sets in just over one month!
  • Munchkin Something Fishy - Either the dungeon has flooded or you took a very wrong turn somewhere, because you don't remember The Flaming Hellscape being this damp. No time to look back, however .*.*. there are all sorts of fun new monsters to fight and odd new weapons to do it with. Are you the king of the sea, or will you take a dive? There's only one way to find out .*.*. check out Munchkin Something Fishy today!
  • Munchkin Black Friday*- Happy Black Friday! This package contains 10 identical packs of*Munchkin*cards you can mix into your set at home. Yes, that's nine more than you actually need .*.*. but now your holiday shopping is done!
  • Munchkin Tails of the Season - Your newest furry Munchkin friends are back for the holidays! With festive art by Katie Cook, these cards are the purrfect addition to your Munchkin Tails game (or any other Munchkin game that needs a dose of Christmas magic)!

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Warehouse 23 News: Monsters! Be Prepared!

All things being equal, it's better to wade into battle with the gear you need than without. GURPS Loadouts: Monster Hunters has ready-to-use collections of equipment for various modern-day monster-fighting roles, complete with costs and weight tallies. Print out what you need and get to the action faster, thanks to this download from Warehouse 23!