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July 19, 2020: The Fantasy Trip Megahex Compass

This is the size of an actual megahex – in the picture, we see it on the edge of the Spiral Arena*playmat (available at Warehouse 23).

It serves both as an actual compass rose and as a scatter diagram for when thrown molotails, etc., go awry.

It is made of acrylic. We supply it unpainted - but masked - if you want the lettering colored, pick your color and get out the spray can. This is a prototype, but the actual ones will look exactly like it, because it was created by cottage industry right here in our office: Eric designed it on computer and made it with our laser cutter. Thus, we won't have thousands of these to sell, but we don't NEED thousands! Its first availability will be as part of the BackerKit for the Hexagram #5 and Ardonirane campaign. (Follow the project today!)

Isn't it pretty?

Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Get Better!

GURPS is a powerful system that lets you tweak the advantages you want with enhancements. But it can be tricky to pick the right enhancements, rein them in, and do exactly what you want. Fortunately, GURPS Power-Ups 4: Enhancements is here to help. It includes invaluable insight, new options, and warnings of what to watch out for. Power awaits a download from Warehouse 23!