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July 14, 2020: Coming In October: Puppy D6 Dice Set

We released the Kitten d6 Dice Set – featuring designs by Katie Cook – earlier this year, and the sales were so phenomenal that we have a second run of the dice (in new colors!) scheduled for release later this year. We're not here to talk about those new kitten colors, though, so we'll have to return to that later.

No, at the moment we want to turn your attention to the upcoming Puppy d6 Dice Set, also featuring artwork by Katie Cook. This pack of twelve 16mm dice is set to reach store shelves in October, and we expect that puppy fans across the world will want to add these dice to their constantly-growing collection.*

Ask for the Puppy d6 Dice Set at your favorite local game store this fall, and don't miss out on the first run of the Kitten d6 Dice Set before it sells out completely. We're unlikely to produce those same colors again any time soon.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Best Not To Jump The Turnstile

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