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June 28, 2020: Scarf-N-Barf Now Available For Pre-Order

You're at the carnival. Eat lots of sugary, salty, greasy goodies. Then ride the rides and try to keep everything down.

Scarf-N-Barf is a silly, fast-paced card game that will keep you glued to your seat .*.*. unless, of course, you have to jump up to BARF. Play Food cards and Ride cards, then roll the dice to find out which player can keep the most carnival food down. Eating Chocolate Covered Bacon while riding the Octopuke? We dare you!

Pre-order today at your favorite local game store or Warehouse 23!

Warehouse 23 News: Sea What You Can Sea!

Prepare to meet a group who are on a working vacation (of sorts) with GURPS Supporting Cast: Age of Sail Pirate Crew! This supplement includes a ready-to-use crew of sea dogs and scoundrels, plus info on their ship, insight into the pirate life, and adventure ideas for adding them to your GURPS game. Download it today from Warehouse 23!