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June 24, 2020: Car Wars Miniatures Set 1

Car Wars Miniatures Set 1 is one of four different packs of minis that are now up for pre-order at BackerKit, all of which are a part of the Car Wars Sixth Edition campaign. Each pack includes five plastic miniatures (pre-assembled, unpainted), four plastic bases, and over 100 game cards to expand your design options when playing the new edition of Car Wars.*

Shown below are the five minis that are included in the first set: Hades, Hydra, Joseph Special, Pillbug, and Scimitar.

Find more pics of the cars in this set and pre-order today at BackerKit!

Phil Reed



Warehouse 23 News: There's No Place Like Rome!

History comes to life – but to stay alive, you need to be some combination of cunning and heroics! GURPS Classic: Imperial Rome brings to life an ancient era of adventure and intrigue. Whether you're braving the senate, participating in a chariot race, or fighting to the death as a gladiator, it's never a dull moment. Download it today from Warehouse 23!