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June 22, 2020: Dry-Erase Megahex Tiles: Special Pre-Order Price Ends Today

Those of you playing games that use hexes, like The Fantasy Trip and GURPS, won't want to miss the special pre-order pricing on the new Megahex Erasable Tiles that are now on Warehouse 23.

Available in three different versions grass, parchment, and stone these tiles can be used to create playscapes for use with counters and/or miniatures, and you could even use them for your Ogre games if you wanted to create a completely new battlefield!

After today, the price on the tiles will go from $11.95 to $14.95 per set, so now's your chance to take advantage of the pre-order pricing. The tiles are scheduled to ship in October.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Heroes Wanted .*.*. Dress Warmly!

If GURPS Dungeon Fantasy heroes are defined by their threats, then GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Setting: Cold Shard Mountains is a perfect campaign for heroes to prove their mettle. It includes maps, geography, interesting places and problems, and an assortment of new monsters and treasure to bring it to life. Adventure awaits, from Warehouse 23!