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June 17, 2020: Drive Thru RPG Bundle Benefiting BLM Charity

Our friends at Drive Thru RPG are hosting a bundle sale, with multiple bundles supporting an assortment of charities. We're taking part in the Black Lives Matter 1 bundle, featuring a humongous amount of RPG supplements; over 50 titles in all. We've contributed GURPS Classic: Best of Pyramid 1 to the assortment, which in itself contains 19 reprints from Pyramid magazine. You get a huge bundle of tabletop goodies, and contribute to a good cause while you're at it!

If you're feeling giving, or just in the mood for some more amazing bundles, Drive Thru RPG has five more bundles benefiting BLM and other charities like the NAACP and Police Accountability Project:

So if you've got the extra funds, a penchant for tabletop gaming, and want to give to some worthy causes, check out the bundles and get a great deal on lots of RPG supplements!

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: More Space Is On The Map!

The recent release of the digital edition of GURPS Classic: Space Atlas 4 might have you asking, "Does that '4' indicate there are other Space Atlas volumes?" Indeed! Space Atlas is your guide to the 28 worlds of the Old Frontiers sector, Space Atlas 2 gives you 25 worlds of the Corporate Worlds sector, and Space Atlas 3 presents the Great Spiral Sector campaign setting. Download any or all of them from Warehouse 23!