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June 16, 2020: Car Wars Sixth Edition Geomorphing Playmats

Some of you have asked how the Car Wars Sixth Edition playmats (preorder today!) can be combined to create arenas and playscapes for the new game. Fortunately, we have this handy graphic that Ben created last year after he and Steve made edits to the game's three different playmats. Check this out, decide on which of the layouts look the most fun to you, and then pre-order the game and playmats today!

NOTE: You only need a 3' x 3' surface to play Car Wars Sixth Edition. Combining playmats makes for a much larger battlespace, which we know some of you will greatly enjoy.

Phil Reed



Warehouse 23 News: Time For Everything!

Give your time-travel and historical campaigns the verisimilitude they need with GURPS Classic: Timeline. This is a brief, fun guide to most of history, from the Big Bang to Operation Desert Storm. The supplement also includes 50 "adventure seeds" that highlight interesting or noteworthy nexus points, where things could have gone differently or something mysterious and weird happened. Time is at your fingertips thanks to a download from Warehouse 23!