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June 14, 2020: Are You The GM? You Need Robin's Laws Of Good Game Mastering!

With the title closing in on the two-decade mark, it's a sign of Robin Law's creativity and skill as a GM that his book of game master guidance, Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering, is still available in both print and PDF. The book has found its way to the list of many GMs' "must read" lists, and it is a title that all GMs whether new to the art of running RPG sessions or those with decades of experience turn to for advice and inspiration. If you're planning to run an RPG session no matter the system! you need this book in your library.

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Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Giant Ants!!!

Revisit an era when radiation was fun while you protect the world from giant ants, blobs, space vampires, and other scary things that pop out in 3D. GURPS Classic: Atomic Horror brings your 1950s-esque B-movie madness to life, with a guide to the era, classic movie tropes, and more. Grab your popcorn and download this supplement today from Warehouse 23!