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June 3, 2020: Pre-Order Megahex Erasable Tiles At Warehouse 23

This is a set of four large identical megahex tiles, each 3 MH long by 2 MH tall. There are also some useful small tiles, since we had space in the corners! Choose between Green Grass, Stone, or Parchment.

Together, the four tiles form a (skewed) rectangle. They are dry-erasable and two-sided. One side is plain B&W; the other is your choice of green grass, gray stone, or a parchment map texture. Use as many sets as you want to turn your whole tabletop into a battlefield, draw the perfect scenery .*.*. erase when you're done, and fight a different battle next week!

They are usable with any game that uses hexes, including The Fantasy Trip, GURPS, and the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game.

On introduction, and for the next 30 days, a set of tiles will be only $11.95. After that, they go up to $14.95.

Pre-order today!

*Expected delivery in October 2020.

Warehouse 23 News: What Novel Supplements!

Fiction and fantastic fear come together in GURPS Classic: Deadlands, thanks to Dime Novel 1 – Aces and Eights and Dime Novel 2 – Wanted: Undead or Alive! Each comes with a short story set in the Deadlands universe, plus adventure material to bring that tale to life – or unlife! Download 'em today from Warehouse 23 and give 'em a gander.