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June 1, 2020: Last Day To Back The Summer 2020 Shirt Kickstarter

Now that it's June, it's really starting to feel like summer, and there's no better way to beat the heat than with some breathable t-shirts in your closet. Our Kickstarter campaign is closing this afternoon, and features many classic game-related designs to rep your favorites throughout the summer and beyond. From The Fantasy Trip and GURPS to Car Wars and Illuminati, there's a design for everyone. I'm particular to the Autoduel design myself. You know what they say: "Sun's out, guns out!"*

Back the project today while you still can; these are going to be printed very close to exact order numbers, so this could well be the last time you see most of these designs. Pledge now and stay tuned to select your designs after the campaign is over; don't worry if you can't decide which shirt you want quite yet(I know it's tough). Maybe we can even unlock the GURPS Steampunk design, giving everyone even more options. You can help make it happen today! Here's hoping .*.*.

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: Dare The Lair!

The Fantasy Trip: Tollenkar's Lair pits the heroes against six levels of labyrinthine danger – with a powerful wizard awaiting at the end. Previously available as part of the Legacy Edition, you can now get this adventure as a standalone download now, thanks to Warehouse 23!