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May 29, 2020: Dungeon Fantasy Dungeon Planner In PDF and GURPS On Demand

The Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game line has expanded again, this time with a new 48-page book that was designed for those GMs who enjoy designing dungeons. The Dungeon Planner includes page after page of blank hex pages and forms where the GM can sketch out dungeon rooms and encounters to create new challenges to throw at the adventurers.

We've released the new book in both PDF (at Warehouse 23) as well as under the GURPS On Demand program for those of you who prefer printed books. You can find the print-on-demand edition of the book today at these Amazon sites:

By offering the print book through Amazon's print-on-demand service, those of you outside of the United States will have an easier time ordering the book without paying extremely high shipping charges.*

See the GURPS On Demand page for a complete list of titles we have released using Amazon's print-on-demand services.

Phil Reed

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