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May 16, 2020: Return To The Planet Of The 50-Foot Patreons

What's a fantasy game without art? Pretty much nothing. Here are five Patreons from people who are helping us get the images out of our heads and into yours .*.*. plus one who does it with sound! Please support them! It will give them more time to work on their own projects, and more freedom to take on the outside projects they like.

The Fantasy Trip

Liz Danforth, best known for decades of dedicated work on Tunnels & Trolls, has also helped us with a lot of counter art and some excellent drawings for TFT – her Patreon supporters get patron-only content, digital copies of her paintings, early bidding on originals, and more.

Rick Hershey, our rock-reliable TFT/Hexagram illustrator. His Patreon gives you access to his large and growing library of stock art.

Dyson Logos, the one and only, the cartographer extraordinare. He has a huge catalog of maps, and his Patreon makes it possible for him to do a poll and release one (or maybe more?) a month.*

Dean Spencer has done a lot of fine TFT illustration, and also makes his stock art available to supporters. They get to vote on what he'll do next, too!

Car Wars

Jesse Anderson, aka Quackalope, did a great job on a Car Wars video for us and will be making more for us to use on Amazon. As I write this, he is looking at doing a patron-only livestream. Patrons get early access to content, and a say in what gets reviewed next.

Singer/composer Tom Smith did the theme for Ogre and is my miracle-worker for sound effects. His Patreon is based on songs created, and, logically enough, his patrons receive music in advance. And he's got a BandCamp page:

Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Secret Agents Wanted

If your GURPS Classic: Espionage heroes aren't too busy, maybe they can save the world? GURPS Classic: Operation Endgame contains four pulse-pounding adventures perfect for those who want a fake passport in one hand, a cutting-edge pistol in the other, and martini on order. Operation Endgame begins with a download from Warehouse 23!