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Campaign Summary
Campaign Summary Genre: Fantasy
System Used: Pathfinder
Style: 50% Roleplaying / 50% Combat
Current Players: 3
Desired # of Players: 5
Game Location N/A
Game Times Frequency: Biweekly
Days of Week: Wednesday
Online Game Details Online Game?: Yes
Online Software Used: Roll20
Additional Options Looking for Players?: Yes
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Thread: [ONLINE][PATHFINDER] Need more players to fill out two groups

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    [ONLINE][PATHFINDER] Need more players to fill out two groups

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    DAY AND TIME NOT SET YET. I'm building two groups, both will be playing in the same area, and what each group does effects the world for both groups. We are almost to the point where we have enough people to reach critical mass and launch these two groups of PC's. We haven't set in stone the days and times yet, but its looking like one will be on weekend nights EST (most likely going to be Saturday), and another group which may end up playing in the early morning on the weekend, or possibly on another weekend day or night. Like I said the days and times are still open as we figure out who will be in which group based on availability, etc. We have a discord where we've been coordinating, talking about the setting, making characters, etc. I'm an experienced GM, been running games for about 30 years now. There is a lot I could say about my GMing style, but I will keep it simple and brief at this early stage. There will definitely be plenty of combat, but I would say that overall I am more of a character/story/RP driven GM, I bring a mindset more focused on that to the table, and that reflects in my games. There will be plenty of in depth stories/plots seeded in a very sand box-esque area. You will never feel the rails beneath you, you will never feel the walls as you extend your arm, but don't make a habit of extending your arms widely just for the sake of doing so please. Suspension of disbelief and immersion are important to me, but so too are table banter, joking around, and having a general good time. The game setting is a fantasy setting, 'swords and sorcery' flavor, but with a twist. The area the campaign will be taking place in is loosely inspired by a feudal british isles area. Its a 'backwater' world in a sci fi setting myself and my best friend have been writing stuff for, for a while now. backwater worlds are, in some way or another, cut off from the larger galactic civilization (the larger setting is a sci fi setting), the planet you will be on is a world called Galladiir, which is basically just a fantasy world, except there's no magic, instead there's 'lostech'. You can be a spellcasting class if you want, everything will be 'reskinned' to be lost technology based, but mechanically it will function exactly as magic does. There will be lostech items you find that function mechanically as magic items exactly the same, just flavor/fluff wise, its just ancient lostech instead of magic.There aren't any non-human races, but there are things to choose from that can sorta play the role of 'subraces'. The world you will be on has no knowledge of the wider galactic civilization, and thinks its the homeworld of humanity. In every way ancient lostech plays the role that magic plays in a medium level magic fantasy setting. Not eberron level magic everywhere, but around abouts forgotten realms level, everyone's definitely SEEN lostech, lesser instances of it are ubiquitous, but any type of item of real power tends to be at least somewhat rare, expensive, in demand, and takes a lot of expertise to use and maintain.So its a fantasy setting that's pocketed into a galactic sci fi setting. Its cut off in space in a few ways so no one will ever be able to travel to and from the planet, and people can't leave to go into space for some of the same reasons. Huge capital ships have crashed numerous times on the planet in the ancient past, which has been tthe source of all the people, cultural diversity, and lostech. So the only way that the larger sci fi galactic civilization aspect of the setting plays a role in this particular campaign, is just by way of context to the whole lostech thing, etc, since that's part of the larger setting. For all intents and purposes, its a d&d/pathfinder type setting, but with all magic 'reskinned' as lostech. Most people still just farm, live in hovels, scratch out a living from the dirt, use animals to accomplish tasks and get places, etc. Its kind of hard to briefly do the concept of the setting justice, its not something that can be succinctly summed up, but let me know if you have any further questions, I'm happy to zoom the explanation in as detailed or out as big picture as you want it if this sort of thing interests you.The overall feel we're going for is swords and sorcery genre fantasy RPG, so don't let the 'lostech instead of magic' thing throw you off, I assure you the aesthetics and motifs will accomplish the swords and sorcery feel. The intention is a long term campaign, not a one shot or a short shot. Long term. Due to potential mature language, etc, used, this game will be for players who are age 18+. If you're interested or have questions, message me. All applicants will be interviewed to ensure they're a good fit for the group and our playstyle, before being invited into the game. Notice though, that I'm not asking for character ideas at this stage. I'm looking for PLAYERS that are a good fit (as in someone capable of having a good time within the context of how I run games, how I depict the game world, how I handle things such as alignment, morality, etc, someone who will not only enjoy those things about the game but contribute to the overall game in such a way that people who enjoy that style of play will have their experience enhanced and improved through your presence) if the player is a good fit, they'll definitely make a character that's a good fit when we reach that stage in the process. But I'm not going to ask you to manufacture a character concept in a relative vacuum when it comes to the setting the character will be in, the type of campaign, etc. Also, I should state right off the bat, that while I'm very experienced when it comes to running games, I am new to roll20 and VTT's in general, so if you have the bar set for bells and whistles type features being employed in roll20, you may be disappointed as since I'm still learning roll20, this game will start off using simple features of roll20, but not really any bells and whistles. As I progress and get more experienced with the tools, the bells and whistles in my game may increase, but I don't want to disappoint anyone who's looking for a dazzling multi media presentation type campaign. There will be maps, there will be pictures of things, and there will be music. Down the road I will add in more features that I learn to use easily so that it doesn't interrupt play.Additionally, by way of full disclosure and transparency, this is my first time running or playing the pathfinder ruleset. I've played 3.x plenty (in fact my name is in the playtest credits for the 3E PHB) and familiarized myself with the differences between the rulesets. There shouldn't be any problems or confusion regarding this, but I felt I should state this right off the bat.SJW'S/LEFTISTS/CULTURAL MARXISTS etc etc etc need not apply. This game is not a safe space. The game world will be presupposing as false, the SJW worldview, you will not have a good time. Send me a private message or reply to this post if you're interested, and I'll give you my discord so we can discuss the game, and I can answer your questions over there.

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