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April 28, 2020: Play The Fantasy Trip Digitally!

During our FnordCon 2 virtual panels, fans of The Fantasy Trip*were given a tutorial of a fan project, approved by Steve himself, that really blew us away. Jim Eisert has created a Melee mod for Tabletop Simulator on Steam that is functional and looks great. Not only that, he has made a full multi-part tutorial-video series explaining how to use the platform. This is not only a good demonstration of how to use his mod on Tabletop Simulator, it's also a detailed demo of how to play the game itself. He teaches everything*–*character creation, movement, hand-to-hand combat, shooting, magic – and provides full battle examples. You can find the entire playlist on Jim's YouTube channel, but he has individual videos for:*

Jim is very active in the TFT community, so we expect support to be robust for this already excellent mod. Whether you're just starting out or a veteran TFT player looking to get a game going during the quarantine, check out Jim's videos and give this a shot! (And remember, Melee is now a FREE download on W23 and DTRPG.)

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: You Versus The Universe

They don't want you to peek behind the curtain of reality .*.*. and for your sanity's sake, they may have a point. GURPS Horror: The Madness Dossier is a campaign that pits the heroes against unimaginable forces that would bend reality back toward Earth's true origins – so the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. The battle begins with a download from Warehouse 23!