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March 18, 2020: A Couple Of Interviews

Riccardo Scaringi interviewed me for his new site at You can see the interview right here.

Also, I talked with Jody Macgregor about the Secret Service affair, and it's now been published in Dicebreaker. This was a site that I had not seen before, and I found a number of worthwhile articles there – so thank you for that, Jody!

Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Boooom!A blast from the past –*literally! We've brought back this quick little classic, with updates to add to the fun. There are only two components: the custom die and the "boomb." Roll the die and hope the "boomb" is not in front of YOU when the explosion comes up! Fast-playing, funny, and super portable, this little gem is just what you need to brighten up your game nights! And it doesn't just come in basic black you can also get it in red, blue, and sparkly pink. Because of course you can! Order Le Boomb! today at Warehouse 23!