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March 16, 2020: FnordCon Is Canceled

(This letter just went out to our members.)

Clearly it's become impossible to do FnordCon as planned. So we won't. The event is canceled.

Because there is no way to tell when things will be safer, we are not announcing a reschedule date. We'll wait till next year and try again.

All membership refunds will be handled through Stripe, our FnordCon payment processor. I appreciate the various suggestions to keep the money, roll it over to a 2021 membership, or give it to charity, but really, it's simplest if we give it back to you and YOU do as you like at that point.

If you bought things (silipint, T-shirt) or supported on Kickstarter for things to be delivered at the con, please wait a day or so for us to get the address set up, and then write to with a physical address to send things to. There will, of course, be no shipping charge.

If you volunteered to run an event, we're going to send you your swag anyway. T-shirts for conventions that didn't happen are very illuminated! So, again, include your preferred physical address in your mail.

If you joined via Kickstarter, we need to send you $40 for your membership, plus whatever you ordered.* The 11 of you who supported for prototype cars are an EXTRA-special case and we'll write to you separately – look for that letter by April 1.

It's possible there may be a virtual event. No promises; we'll discuss it and post here.

Stay safe, wash your hands a lot, and play games when you can. Hope to see you in 2021.

Steve Jackson

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