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March 14, 2020: Illuminated Site of the Week: "My Romance Doesn't Have To Have [Two Moons] In The Sky"

There's a new moon in the sky. No, not the phase, the actual count of Earth's moons has doubled in the last three years. They call it a minimoon and if you haven't seen it you can be forgiven. It's about the size of a linebacker or two and our gravity caught it in the last few years. This isn't unheard of, but it's also the sort of thing that doesn't go the distance like "ol' reliable" up there. Sometimes asteroids just get caught but since it's easy to overlook a rock smaller than a motorcycle they typically hang about a few rotations and then move on.

The best guess, this one is due to leave in April, but if you suffer twice the lycanthrope attacks or find the stars getting it right more than once between now and then, you'll know why. Science Alert gives us the heads-up.


Warehouse 23 News: A Location To "A-Spire" To

Picture it: a big epic fight in a cathedral. Now that we've mentioned it, the world breaks down into two camps: those who are thinking, "Wow! That's an awesome idea," and those who've already downloaded GURPS Locations: St. George's Cathedral and taken advantage of its details, characters, and floor plans. Get it today from Warehouse 23!