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March 12, 2020: The Fantasy Trip: In The Labyrinth Now Available In Print-On-Demand

With international shipping rates constantly climbing, we are looking for better ways to offer our games to those outside of the United States. Not all releases work as distribution titles in today's market, and we're struggling to find a reliable –*and reasonably-priced – way for those who live in other nations to get your hands on our games.

For GURPS, we've started producing reprints of older titles (and the occasional new book) under the GURPS On Demand program. This works well for books, though it isn't a useful fix for dice, board games, and card games.

Fortunately, In the Labyrinth is a book .*.*. and it is now available in print-on-demand!

This B&W softcover edition of In the Labyrinth is perfect for anyone who wants to give The Fantasy Trip a shot and already owns hex maps, counters, dice, and the other assorted stuff necessary to play. And, best of all, many of you outside of the United States will find that ordering the print-on-demand book will cost a lot less than ordering the hardcover from Warehouse 23.

Now if we could just find a reliable method of producing print-on-demand dice .*.*.

Phil Reed

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