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March 11, 2020: Gadgets And Gear For Your GURPS Game

GURPS High-Tech is famous for the gargantuan gaming insight it gives into all things technological. Now, one aspect of that supplement is augmented with new, updated, and expanded material. You've got the power, with GURPS High-Tech: Electricity and Electronics.

This supplement – written by award-winning author William H. Stoddard – adds to the foundation of High-Tech with information you didn't know you needed until you had it. It provides two centuries' worth of electron-powered innovations, including items of interest to those in conflict as well as medical, scientific, audio/video, and computational endeavors. It also expands on the equipment from the core High-Tech supplement with descriptions of electronic advances and cutting-edge gear.

Whether you're trying to make a historical game as realistic and flavorful as you can or to upgrade your heroes' options with previously unknown goodies, Electricity and Electronics is your go-to shop for electromechanical marvels. Download it today, only from Warehouse 23!

Steven Marsh

Warehouse 23 News: Make It Reign!

GURPS Low-Tech does an amazing job at detailing the gear essential for bringing a pre-gunpowder campaign to life. But other softer social "inventions" are equally useful for making a setting come to life – including developments in government, religion, and music – and you can learn about them in GURPS Low-Tech Companion 1: Philosophers and Kings. Get to your castle and download it today from Warehouse 23!