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March 6, 2020: Preorders For Hexagram, The Fantasy Trip Zine, At BackerKit

The latest issue of Hexagram, our zine in support of The Fantasy Trip, closed successfully on Kickstarter last month. Now it is preorder time. We are running BackerKit preorders until March 30, 2020, so this is your chance to grab the new issue as well as several other releases for The Fantasy Trip.

What other releases? Those who missed out on Decks of Destiny will be happy to hear that it is in this BackerKit preorder campaign. (This includes the large box, the I Want All The Newness reward, and several add-on items from the Decks of Destiny Kickstarter campaign.)*Preorder at BackerKit today!

Please note that the BackerKit preorders are for U.S. gamers. The complexity and expense of international shipping has forced us to shift international online orders to Warehouse 23, where we can better manage the process. In the future, once all preorders and Kickstarter rewards have shipped, we will offer Hexagram #4 (and other items) on Warehouse 23.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Mine Is Yours!

Whenever we do end up making full use of space, it'll almost certainly involve a lot of industrial applications. So add to your GURPS Spaceships garage with GURPS Spaceships 6: Mining and Industrial Spacecraft. It includes lots of vessels perfect for heavy-duty business applications, plus rules to bring that side of the cosmos to life. The wonderful world of space mining is a download away from Warehouse 23!