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February 25, 2020: It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's A Munchkin Game!

Not all of us are blessed with superpowers, but you and your friends can get a taste of what they would feel like with Super Munchkin. Become a Mutant, Techno, Mystic, or Exotic, with weird powers including Flatness, Flight, Flames, and even some that don't begin with FL! Fight fearsome foes such as The Big Boss, Doctor Deathbreath, and even .*.*. The Punster. (He's in italics because he's got a different slant on supervillainy.)

You can get Super Munchkin in the classic version with John Kovalic artwork .*.*. or in your choice of Guest Artist Editions:*one by Art Baltazar and one by Lar deSouza! (Heck, get 'em both! Collect all the variants! It works for the comics .*.*.) And pick up the expansion, The Narrow S Cape, for even more super cards to mix into your super game!

Head over to Warehouse 23 today for all of our Super Munchkin swag!

Andrew Hackard

Warehouse 23 News: Get Ready For A Mind-Blowing Supplement!

Uh-oh .*.*. the heroes have mental powers that can melt steel and explode brains. What do you do with them? GURPS Psionic Campaigns is your guide to all aspects of building a psi-powered world, from history to justification to help with tailoring the setting to be what you want. Download this supplement today from Warehouse 23 .*.*. it's a no-brainer!