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February 14, 2020: A Deadly Doodles Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day and love is in the air at the SJ Games offices. Or is that a burning smell? Yep, that's what it is, definitely not love.

To celebrate the season, we took a dive into Deadly Doodles on #SJGamesLive, playing on the brand new Valentine's Day map. Co-designer Randy Scheunemann joins us as we collect treasure and fight monsters, while playing along with the audience. If you missed out on the stream, you can still participate in our game! All you need to do is print out the map and start the stream from the beginning. We'll explain how to play; you can play along with us and compare scores at the end!

After you're finished, comment on the stream with your score, either on YouTube or Facebook, and you'll be entered to win a copy of Deadly Doodles and*Deadly Doodles 2. The winner will be chosen randomly.*

Deadly Doodles is available at game stores and Warehouse 23 now.*Deadly Doodles 2 will be in stores in June*–*after it delivers to backers of the Kickstarter.*

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