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February 11, 2020: Now Shipping To Distributors!

Our latest round of new releases is shipping to distributors and scheduled to reach stores on February 26th. Visit your favorite local game store today to preorder them. Check our store finder*for the retailer closest to you.
  • Munchkin Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Death and Destruction. Our new Munchkin Warhammer Age of Sigmar set expands the game with 112 new cards!*
  • Kitten d6 Dice Set. This pack of 12 dice features kittens illustrated by Katie Cook and paw-print dice. Perfect for any game that requires six-sided dice.
  • Meeple d6 Dice Set. Available in four different colors! (Two more colors are scheduled for release in March.) Each pack of eight dice replaces the standard dice pips with Meeple-shaped pips (those cute little game pieces that represent so many characters in so very many games).

If you do not have a favorite local game store, you can preorder these today at our online store, Warehouse 23.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Steampunk, But Different!

What is steampunk when it's not set in the Victorian era? It's*GURPS Infinite Worlds: Britannica-6*.*.*. a world where Queen Victoria was never born! Discover alternative aristocracies, strange contraptions, and world-altering schemes. This GURPS Infinite Worlds setting even includes a sample scenario. Download it today, using your difference engine of choice, from Warehouse 23!