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February 8, 2020: Dice Preorders At BackerKit

We have partnered with BackerKit to open a new dice preorder store! This is your chance to place your order and then watch the mail for new dice. The store includes our new Kitten d6 Dice Set*and the new Meeple d6 Dice Set (in four different colors), as well as a second shot at the metal dragon and wizard dice that were created thanks to the success of The Fantasy Trip: Decks of Destiny campaign.

In addition to new dice, the BackerKit store also offers many of our older dice sets –*and dice games! – and there are special bundles for those in search of a bargain.

Retailers, you can also take advantage of the preorder store. Please email us for support so our team can help you to place an order and get your retailer discount.

Hurry! The dice preorder store closes on February 18th and the dice ship out next month.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Drive Dangerously .*.*. With Friends!

On the death-dealing highways of Car Wars, it's good to keep your allies close and your enemies closer. GURPS Classic: Autoduel – Car Warriors has both. It includes 36 pre-generated duellists for GURPS Autoduel. You'll also get a sheet of counters to print and cut, adding vehicles and obstacles to your favorite roads. Download it today from Warehouse 23!