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February 2, 2020: Crowdfunding Focus: Surviving The G.A.M.E.

Have you ever wanted to run through an obstacle course designed in an abandoned military-training facility? What if that obstacle course was in the future?

Austin designer Duane Moore has created a game where you can do just that*– and it's only $35 on Kickstarter right now! He needs some help to get*Surviving the G.A.M.E. funded, so please go check it out before the campaign ends on February 15.

Andrew Hackard

Warehouse 23 News: Embark On The Trip Of A Lifetime

If you want silk and spices and are willing to risk life and limb, have we got an opportunity for you! GURPS Hot Spots: The Silk Road details this historical region where East meets West, where fortunes were made, lives were lost, and the world would never be the same. Your journey begins with a download from Warehouse 23!