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February 1, 2020: Join The Fantasy Trip On Facebook!

With the latest issue of Hexagram coming to Kickstarter this month (click here for email notification when the project launches), it's time that we direct your attention to the Facebook group for*The Fantasy Trip. This is a fan-organized and managed group, so it's not under our control, but we're happy to see that community continue to grow as more and more players discover the fun of this classic roleplaying game.

Join The Fantasy Trip group today, and get ready for even more TFT support in 2020! Steve and the authors have more books in the works, as well as issue #4 of Hexagram on Kickstarter this month. Join the conversation today!

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Know Your Limitations!

You know one way to make powers cooler? Add limitations! Not only does a good limitation make your abilities more memorable, but it also gives you more points to amp up its effectiveness or make it affordable! Discover the ultimate guide to these power modifiers in GURPS with GURPS Power-Ups 8: Limitations. It's just a download away thanks to Warehouse 23!