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January 11, 2020: Illuminated Site of the Week: It Ain't Easy Being Green But It's Becoming Fashionable

Druids. They're all about nature, change, and growth. Growth especially, and according to them their numbers have more than doubled in a decade. What's the appeal? Can it all be laid at the feet of Millennials? The British Druid Order claims they've got more going on than rituals in the woods, but really, isn't that what most of us want druids to be? Regardless, if you've ever seen yourself as a green ally it seems a new golden age has started, this time with on-line resources.

If Druidry isn't up your alley then perhaps a history-keeping and storytelling bard is the life for you .*.*. or maybe become an ovate, seeking the answers underlying all of nature. Don't worry if you don't know how to do any of this, they have courses for all these things. Plus T-shirts.

Suggested by James Matthew Neeland

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