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January 6, 2020: Final Day For Car Wars Sixth Edition On Kickstarter!

Today is the end! Later today, our Kickstarter campaign for Car Wars Sixth Edition comes to a close and our team transitions from working on the crowdfunding campaign to completing all of the work necessary to send the game (and several expansions!) to print. Even though it isn't scheduled to start shipping to U.S. backers until November, we're already moving forward so that we can send everything to print within the next few months. A lot of the big tasks are complete –*the factory has finished tooling the dice and over 20 miniatures are out of the prototype stage – and we're going to do all we can to deliver the Kickstarter rewards on schedule.

If you've not yet backed the project, you're down to your last chance to join Car Wars Sixth Edition and take advantage of the special Kickstarter savings. The $140 reward level is the best bang for your buck, loaded with over $400 (post-KS price) of content.*

Back the Car Wars Sixth Edition game on Kickstarter today!

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: The Future Of Combat, Today!

Take the firearm realism of GURPS Tactical Shooting to strange new realms with "Tactical Shooting: Tomorrow," a look at how gun combat and techniques might play out in the near-future. This mini-supplement is just one of the features you'll get with Pyramid #3/55: Military Sci-Fi. Augment your GURPS library with these downloads (and many more) from Warehouse 23!