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December 28, 2019: Preorder Deadly Doodles 2 Today!

We're expanding the Deadly Doodles draw-n-draw game with six new maps, and now's your chance to preorder the upcoming expansion! Now open at BackerKit, the Deadly Doodles 2 preorder campaign includes the expansion, the core game, and even a few items that are not scheduled for distribution sales in 2020.*

Fans liked Deadly Doodles and bought a lot of copies (the reprint is now on the boat!) and we look forward to seeing your comments once you get a chance to play the six new dungeons that are packed inside the expansion.

Preorder Deadly Doodles 2 today!

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Make Your Own Seasonal Magic

If you didn't get what you want this holiday, then it's not too late to rectify that! If you wanted a fabeled antimagical bracelet, unusual magescale armor, or even a broadsword named Grimslaughter, you can get them all with a download of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Treasures 3: Artifacts of Felltower. Don't delay; get it today, from Warehouse 23!