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December 26, 2019: Now In Print: The Fantasy Trip Adventures Hardcover

Available now at Warehouse 23, The Fantasy Trip Adventures hardcover includes:
  • One 64-page hardcover book packed with five adventures: The Chaos Triads, by Steven Marsh; The Curse of Katiki-Mu, by Robert Saint John; Fire in the Temple, by David L. Pulver; The Clockwork Tower, by Greg Poehlein; Tomb of the Wizard-King, by Christopher R. Rice; plus an afterword, with further game notes, by Steve Jackson.
  • Five sheets of die-cut megahexes and counters, one for each of the five adventures.
  • Five dry-erase treasure cards.
  • Five dry-erase fighter cards.
  • Two different 9" x 12" pocket folders you can use to carry your campaign notes, character sheets, etc. (print version only).

Available today at Warehouse 23!

Phil Reed

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What better way to celebrate Boxing Day than with pugilistic prowess? (Wait; did we get that right?) Well, anyway, GURPS Martial Arts is a comprehensive guide to all matters martial in GURPS, with combat styles, techniques, weapons, and more. Download it today from Warehouse 23!