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December 11, 2019: Car Wars At PAX

At PAX this last weekend, we taught the Car Wars Sixth Edition game to dozens of players both fans of the classic and those who have never before participated in an autoduel and we were overjoyed with the response!*

Edward Fadigan posted to the Kickstarter campaign:

"Got to play this at PAX Unplugged this weekend, and as gorgeous as this looks on the table, it's TWICE as magnificent in your head as you play it.

Seeing the hinged relationships between Control and Tires on the Dashboards, with the same link between the Speed and the Power Plant, immediately impressed me as making resolving 8 rules and modifications, as easy as opening a jar of candy.

It's LITERALLY child's play, but still manages to translate most of the crunch decisions that made Car Wars 1e such a fun game to play.

And the MINIATURES. I got to touch them, and photos do them no justice."

And also in the Kickstarter comments, Waldo Jeffers posted:

"Having played a round at PAX yesterday, I am more excited for this game than ever! I was on the fence at first, but pledged at the $75 level. After playing, I have upgraded to the $140 level- I really look forward to getting this one."

Additionally, Twitter also has something to say after playing the game:

I enjoyed my hands-on play of Car Wars at #PAXUnplugged. The Kickstarter is doing great! @thF00L and I can't wait for the final game @SJGames!— Steven Starkey (@Steven_Starkey) December 9, 2019

Thank you to everyone who played the game, and extra thanks to all of you who shared your thoughts on the game with the world!

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Phil Reed

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